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lunes a Viernes de 9:00 am a 5:00 pm

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XUSOL Paneles Solres



The XUSOL Energía Solar team is made up of Renewable Energy Engineers with previous experience in the field, certified with the Competency Standard (EC586.01), which guarantees the following capacities when installing Interconnected Photovoltaic Systems (SFVI) to the electrical network in residence, commerce and industry:

1) Verify the conditions for the installation of the SFVI

2) Install the mechanical and electrical components of the SFVI

3) Connect the electrical components of the SFVI to the meter

4) Carry out the commissioning of the SFVI. Each element is in accordance with the national regulations for interconnection of the current electrical network.

Additionally, we have been fiscally registered since 2016 and we have an office located at Ave. Las Palmas 4710-4, Fracc. Las Palmas, where our prospects and clients who have already taken a step to the transition to clean energy, can attend for advice, quote solar panel systems, clarify doubts, make payments, request invoices, and even present complaints or share the good news. on your electricity bills.

Solar equipment that we also handle:

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